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KraftPal Technologies have developed revolutionary proprietary products, integrated with a unique manufacturing process & business-model, available subject to licensing agreements.



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Our Solution

KraftPal Technologies have developed an economical and viable manufacturing system, producing top-grade corrugated-cardboard pallets, meeting all the industry’s most stringent performance criteria necessary for full market penetration.

The window of opportunity for this valuable environmentally friendly market has been around for some 25 years. There are technical complexities faced with combining raw materials and products into a competent and labour efficient manufacturing process. Thus far a viable solution has eluded the packaging and logistics industry to becoming a serious alternative solution to the market.

KraftPal, with our revolutionary product-ranges & designs, combined with our unique proprietary manufacturing process have become that serious alternative, allowing us to fill this market place efficiently, serving a variety of industrial clients and enterprises.

We tailor our solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Unique Solutions - "Revolutionary Proprietary Products"


KraftPal Technologies offer superior packaging & shipping alternatives to wood, composite, plastic and all other solutions currently on the market.

Being ultra-light, KraftPal pallets combine all important cost-saving advantages with the normal strength and durability of traditional solutions. Our mass-production process allows us to deliver in quantities meeting even the most demanding packaging and shipping needs. Best and most important news of all, clients are able to switch to KraftPal pallets without making changes to their existing processes or equipment.

Laboratory and Field Tests

KraftPal corrugated-cardboard pallets underwent three compression tests, plus an incline impact test at the NEFAB Barneveld Engineering centre in the Netherlands. The resulting test report Nr. 336509 R2.0 shows excellent results achieved.

Standard Pallets

AF-1 Air-freight Pallet

  • Offers full space coverage on an ULD platform
  • Significantly reduces potential product damage
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Better shock absorption
  • Fully palletised ULD aircraft platform
  • Shortens loading time (less labour hours)
  • No manual load sorting or loading (forklift loading manipulation only)
KraftPal AF-1 Air-freight pallets provide up to 37.5% larger space coverage on a ULD aircraft platform
KraftPal AF-1 Air-freight pallets are up to 23.6% slimmer than standard pallets
KraftPal AF-1 Air-freight pallets are 85% lighter than standard pallets

Household-appliances Pallet

  • Significantly reduces potential product damage
  • High quality - product stability
  • Large production capacity – just-in-time delivery
  • Does not damage floors, suitable for showrooms and distribution centres
KraftPals Household-appliance pallets deliver stabilityand reduced product damage
Up to80% increasedshock absorption


The X-pallet’s extra robust qualities include an integrated reinforced frame made from 5 or 7 layer corrugated board. Forming a strong top surface with high dynamic and static capacities, the X-pallet supports heavier loads of up to 1,600kg (dynamic), and is suitable for use with both open-rack and roll-on-conveyors.

Customer and lab tested for loads of up to1600 kg
X-pallet has up to80% increasedshock absorption
X-pallet is ready foropen-racksusage
X-pallet is ready forroll-conveyorsusage


Box Integrated Pallets


  • Most unique and economic box on today’s market
  • Integrated with pallet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Up to 5% increased volumetric capacity
  • Up to 65% lighter than standard box-pallets
  • Logistical efficiency (handling, loading, carrying ...)
  • Simple adjustable box height
  • Floor-friendly (suitable for distribution centres and stores)
  • All KraftPal standard pallets are box application ready (insert & integrate)
KraftPal Eco-boxes have up to 5% extra volumetric capacity than standard box-pallets
KraftPal Eco-boxes are up to 65% lighter than standard box-pallets


  • Meets the most recent EU standards & directives
  • Significant performance and cost advantages
  • One-time usage; logistical simplification
  • Damage reduction; superior vibration & shock absorption
  • Lighter loads; reduce freight costs
  • Customisable and cost-effective
  • Packaging simplification & product consistency
  • Distribution centre friendly; total packaging concept
  • Improved consumer & employee safety
  • Tested and proven to the highest industry standards


to 2€
per pallet
Freight-truck transportation savings Wood-pallets 18-25 kg / KraftPal pallets: 3-4 kg
600 to
1,200 kg
per truck
Increased product load per truck Due to the 14 - 22 kg weight difference per pallet
80% lighter than wood
Enhanced shock absorption Up to 10 % less transport damage using KraftPal pallets
to 0.5€
per pallet
Recycling cash-back for corrugated-cardboard KraftPal pallets are 100% recyclable
to 1.3€
Environmental & packaging tax Due to the weight difference between KraftPal and wood-pallets
to 5.5€
per pallet
Hidden wood-pallet costsTransportation, theft, repairs, administration, storage, injuries
Disposal: temporary import fee, labour cost, packaging tax, ...
Total savings with KraftPal pallets between 2€ to 8.5€ per pallet!


Environmental Benefits

  • Consistent with EC Roadmap towards low-carbon bio-economy (Kyoto Memorandum - 80% CO2 emissions reduction)
  • Labelled as an organic product
  • Fully recyclable - made of sustainable raw materials
  • Up to 85% lighter than wood-pallets resulting in savings from packaging waste
  • Hygienic product (food industry standards compliant - GMP)
  • Compliant with international shipping regulations/export ready (free from pest infestation, no fumigation or heat treatment required)

KraftPal corrugated-cardboard pallets being made from sustainable soft-wood and recycled paper eliminates the part wood-pallets play in hardwood forest depletion. KraftPal used pallets can be compacted with other corrugated packaging waste, and sold to local recyclers.

KraftPal pallets are workplace and store-floor safe – no nails, broken slats, jagged edges, splinters or aching backs.

The fully 100% recyclable KraftPal pallet eliminates the part played by wood-pallet disposal towards landfill depletion.

KraftPal cardboard-corrugated pallets are EXPORT READY, requiring no additional fumigation or heat treatment. Being totally pest-free avoids the unhealthy and costly chemical treatments required with wood-pallets.

KraftPal Manufacturing

Palletonator 3003 X

  • Worldwide patent protected
  • Up to 600 pallets/hr
  • 50+ standard product types
  • Product consistency
  • Negligible labour force
  • Low electricity consumption
KraftPal HeadQarters


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R&D Centre

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Kraftpal GmbH
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KraftPal Technologies North America LLC
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James R. Keller

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KraftPal South America


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Oscar Tapia Pereira

  • +507 3932831
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