KraftPal announces KraftPal Adria


It’s with immense pleasure that today we can announce our continued international expansion within the Adriatic region. Implementation of a new fully-automated production-plant in Karlovec, Croatia, will grow regional capacity to more than 2 million units per year.

The new production-plant will hasten development of the Italian, Austrian, German and Hungarian markets. Learning from recent experience, the pre-sales phase for our latest expansion proved to be much faster and effective than before. This clearly shows KraftPal’s gathering momentum, helping us to get up-to-speed with current market-trend expectations.

Enhanced production capacities in region will greatly relieve the Ruse facility, allowing more focus on the primary R&D function. Nevertheless a coordinated joint-sales campaign will continue within these markets through to Q2 2017.

Previously announced plans to enhance and accelerate our production capacity at strategic locations are bearing fruit. KraftPal can now expand new facilities with an efficiency that would have been considered impossible just a few short years ago.

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Becoming the leader in environmentally friendly logistics, KraftPal is open to collaborate with both individuals and companies sharing this ambition. We are looking for:

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