KraftPal Nordic Announcement


It’s with great pleasure that I’m announcing our Scandinavian expansion plans, further enhancing our international presence into one of our high priority markets. KrafPal continues its path of establishing a presence in strategic locations, by opening the Swedish and Finnish markets through KraftPal Nordic.

Strategies including market entry, alliances, partnerships & investments coordinated by our expert partner Jimmy Takki; have now brought us to the point of incorporating KraftPal Nordic.

Using local teams and knowledge, Jimmy has fully prepared the Scandinavian market. By showing both the project and products to potential end-users, Jimmy and his teams have successfully obtained more than enough official commitment to allow the project to launch. The plan includes KraftPal Nordic centralising and managing the initial opening of two production plants.

Meeting in Porto

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Becoming the leader in environmentally friendly logistics, KraftPal is open to collaborate with both individuals and companies sharing this ambition. We are looking for:

  • Operational Partners in within the:
    • Logistics Industry
    • Paper Industry
    • Packaging Industry
    • Pallet Industry
  • International Licensing Agreements
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