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One year ago Mr James R. Keller began a detailed analysis on investments, market strategy and strategic alliances & partnerships in preparation for the US market. Today, with our first product show-room now a reality, KraftPal Technologies North America is bringing the company towards becoming fully operational in the USA.

Previously announced plans to accelerate our global presence have resulted in KraftPal becoming operational in what we consider our most important market. The USA’s numerous global multi-nationals, early adopters, ecologically aware investors and a strong corrugated pallet presence provides us with the ideal recipe to boost our business.

Through clear set priorities enabling both growth and strong global market presence, KraftPal intends to be present in other strategic locations including Scandinavia, Asia and Russia by the end of 2017.

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Becoming the leader in environmentally friendly logistics, KraftPal is open to collaborate with both individuals and companies sharing this ambition. We are looking for:

  • Operational Partners in within the:
    • Logistics Industry
    • Paper Industry
    • Packaging Industry
    • Pallet Industry
  • International Licensing Agreements
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