KraftPal's New R&D Centre


Following positive trial tests with key targeted multinationals, and our successful market place introduction, KraftPal now looks to consolidate their R&D and training programme. KraftPal, in conjunction with their partner company took the major decision to acquire and invest in a modern 30.000m2 facility, previously owed by Swiss company Geberit. Although acquired primarily for R&D and training purposes, this step will enhance the company’s’ capacities in all key operational areas.

Our new facilities, as well as comfortably allowing space for further development on specially designed products & technical pallets, also give us ample room to work on specific machine building tasks. Notwithstanding the multiple training and coaching rooms at our disposition, there remain ample possibilities for further expansion.

Colin J. Williams comment;
"KraftPal, based on innovative patented products and proven effective manufacturing technology, has created a sound basis for further development. With the addition of these new facilities and the planned introduction of new partners, business growth will continue. Over the coming years, with our business model being repeated throughout Europe, Asia and the USA, continued future international growth is assured."

With the unofficial opening in October, a new chapter in the KraftPal story is about to begin.

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Becoming the leader in environmentally friendly logistics, KraftPal is open to collaborate with both individuals and companies sharing this ambition. We are looking for:

  • Operational Partners in within the:
    • Logistics Industry
    • Paper Industry
    • Packaging Industry
    • Pallet Industry
  • International Licensing Agreements
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