We deliver a 21st century logistics solution to selected segments of the pallet industry. KraftPal is the first enterprise to provide a complete “recyclable corrugated-cardboard pallet” concept, with performances meeting the most stringent industry standards.

KraftPal at a Glance

KraftPal Technologies, using only recyclable raw materials, focuses solely on logistical solutions within the pallet & packaging industry. By using advanced business-models and meeting disruptive technology project standards, KraftPal aims to establish a new sector in the industry. The complete KraftPal product range is mass-producible to the highest industry performance criteria, at competitive prices.

KraftPal pallets offer significant competitive advantages over alternative pallets currently on the market, due to their innovative proprietary designs and concepts.


Corporate Mission

Serve the market with high-quality innovative renewable & recyclable pallet and packaging solutions, protecting employees, products and the environment.


Become the leader in pallet and packaging solutions, using only renewable and recyclable raw materials.


KraftPal® is a worldwide registered trademark.

Intellectual Property

  • Trademark (WIPO, OHIM)
  • Utility Models (OHIM)
  • Patents (WIPO)
  • Copyrights (machinery, products)
  • Blueprints (machinery)
  • Know-how

Corporate Information

KraftPal Technologies Ltd.
19-21 Crawford Street

Registered No.: 09955096
VAT Registration No:

Considerable Packaging, Logistics and Pallet Industry Experience

KraftPal spent an initial two years performing market research. An additional three years were spent on R&D (research and development) including field testing, trend-setting and initial commercialisation, before the business roll-out phase began in 2016.

Leadership & Governance

Board of Directors

Members: Gregor Brajovic, Colin J. Williams, David Desy


Senior Advisors:
Colin J. Williams
James R. Keller

Kristjan Molan (Forest Industry Expert)
Oscar Tapia Pereira (Registered Investor Advisor)
Ramon T. Chimelis (Market Analytics Expert)
Borut Bilac (Marketing Expert)

Executive Team

CEO / Founder: Gregor Brajovic
COO: David Desy
CTO: Tomaz Velecic
GBDO: Peter Frelih

Gregor Brajovic
Chief Executive Officer

As a fully qualified lawyer having practised professionally in Europe, USA, Africa and Asia, Gregor has acquired an in-depth knowledge of corporate set-ups in connection to Disruptive Technology Projects, International Corporate and Tax Laws. Gregor has equally acquired extensive experience in compliance, audits, strategic legal due-diligence and negotiations within the Investment Industry.

David Desy
Chief Operating Officer

Coming from professional sport, an extremely talented Project Manager Officer with exceptional skills at selling a company’s products and services, utilizing effective and innovative marketing methods and resources. Amicable and enthusiastic approach and excellent pitching clearly delineates why a customer should invest in our products. Accomplished at reaching assigned targets through variety of skills, such as relationship management, exceptional network of business contacts and clients, maintaining a detailed knowledge of the marketplace and always in search for new improvements.

Tomaz Velecic
Chief Technology Officer

In 2011, Tomaz joined KraftPal as an R&D Engineer for the company. In 2017, he got promoted to CTO of KraftPal. Thomas pioneered and was one of the cornerstones in the rapid and successful development of the KraftPal project. In the early days, he focused on workflow improvements and the development of the product line. Additionally, Tomaz has proven his skills in computer science to overview KraftPal operations leading to the development of our custom-built corrugated pallets on the global scene, important improvement milestones.

Peter Frelih
Global Business Development Officer

Peter brings valuable experience in corporate business development and sales marketplace. His vast experience in development of corporate brand has helped his family companies, start-ups and well tenured companies to grow their brand both nationally and internationally. Focused on sustainable value creation and ROI helped him to develop very powerful business network, including establishment of international credibility in high level business requirements.

Colin J. Williams
Senior Advisor

Colin has held various board and executive positions during his illustrious career. Through acquisitions and the organic development of 80 companies (EBITDA rose from 11% to 17%) he built SCA Packaging from a €400 Million valuation into a €5 Billion company. Colin has managed companies in Eastern and Western Europe, USA and Asia. Recently Colin has chaired several multi-nationals, including Clondalkin, Treofan and Turkcell.

James R. Keller
Senior Advisor

A 33 year career at Weyerhaeuser ended with James as Senior Vice-President. Other board and executive positions held throughout a long and glittering career were; President and Board Member of the International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA); Chairman of The Newark Group; Chairman of the AF&PA Containerboard Committee; Chairman and Board Member of the Fibre Box Association and Chairman and Board Member of the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation. James is currently an advisor to Rengo Ltd. (Japan), and is Managing Director of Rengo Packaging Inc. (USA).

KraftPal Milestones

Start EU market.
Pilot Plant Slovenia
License BEL
License CRO
Licence closing phase LUX / FIN / POR / AUT / SPA
KraftPal USA
KraftPal HeadQarters


19-21 Crawford Street
London, W1H1PJ
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KraftPal R&D


Partizanska cesta 3
2000 Maribor
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  • KraftPal Research & Development Centre
  • KraftPal Training Centre
  • KraftPal Product Marketing Division


R&D Centre

Smolnik 17
2342, SI-Ruše


Kraftpal Austria


Kraftpal GmbH
Friedhofweg 139
8181 St. Ruprecht/Raab
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 VAT not available yet!


DI Roman Lampeter

KraftPal Adria


Ilovac 29
47000 Karlovac
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Vlatko Jurčević

KraftPal Nordics


Länsituulenkuja 3 A 2
02100 Espoo
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Martin Wichmann

KraftPal USA


5307 Old Stump Dr. NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98332
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Our mailing address:

KraftPal Technologies North America LLC
PO Box 1070
Gig Harbor, WA 98335


James R. Keller

President / Board member

KraftPal South America


1st Street El Carmen, Mar del Sur Building Suite 609
Panama City
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Oscar Tapia Pereira

  • +507 3932831
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