The Licensee Roadmap

A clear and simple step by step approach for your local venture.

The License

The Business Model

The straight-forward licensing royalty based model allows simplicity, flexibility, and transparency interacting in the market worldwide. Our local partners with us, KraftPal, aligning on the same purposes and objectives as prosperity and long-term sustainability. While offering a bulletproof licensing business, we are proposing two financial structures:

(Point 1. not availible in European Union and North Americas)

Applicable for certain geographies only: A 100% local partner(s) investment in the project(s) or financial structure.
A joint venture between local partner(s) and KraftPal in the financial structure of the project(s).

Advantages & Benefits

Simplicity & Safety

The License covers every detail of the operating business including technical, commercial, financial and legal operations simplifying the access to a disruptive and profitable industrial business for the local investor(s). The main purpose of the licensing proposition is gathering and managing all aspects of the business implementation and operations erasing early pitfalls and profiting off the KraftPal experience.

A Local Business Approach

Setting a new business in a new location is often time-consuming as different parts have to puzzle up at the right time having in mind the financial structure. At KraftPal, we work as a team with the local investor(s) searching the best fit in term of market entry, management of operations and financial structure successfully speeding up the entire process of the local project implementation.

The Follow-Up

We deliver a turnkey factory solution ready-to-produce at the commonly agreed scheduled production day. Moreover, during the entire process (pre-production or production period), we follow up with a technical assistance 24/7/365 together with commercial interactions elevating projected expectations.

Common Objectives

We build our business trusting partners. We do business with manufacturers, cardboard suppliers, local investors, local entities and global corporations. We all share the same interest for success and excellence that means trusting and supporting business stakeholders at any level.

The License Timeline

1The Pre-Production Period

This period is used to manufacture the fully automated mass- production line as well as organizing local operations for production and commercialization. The KraftPal R&D center and the production line manufacturer being based in Slovenia, some activities will be held in Slovenia and in the local area(s) parallelly.

Set up of operational activities

Timing of Implementation

The timing differs from different cases and local areas. Each activity is linked one to another demanding a full commitment following a precise protocol of engagement. Once those commitments are met, the pre-production period will length up to 9 months.

2The Production Period

Marking the start of operation serving KraftPal corrugated cardboard pallets to clients in local areas. We consider preparing the marketing & sales operation of the venture at an early stage in the pre-production period strategizing on the best approach while consolidating the process at the opening and beyond.

Business Protocol of Engagement

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