Our purpose is to lead the 21th-century Sustainability Revolution in the Logistics Industry

Consistent with EC Roadmap towards a low-carbon bio-economy (Kyoto Memorandum - 80% CO2 emissions reduction)
Based on renewable and recyclable raw materials
Labelled as an Organic and Hygienic product (food industry standards compliant-GMP)
Free from pest infestation, no fumigation or heat treatment required
EU Directive 2000/29/ES
The Kyoto Memorandum is the EC Roadmap basis for reducing carbon dioxide emissions through packaging and other industry standards.
Environmental Awareness
KraftPal is on a mission to establish new sectors within the pallet industry as an environmentally friendly alternative to existing products.
Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions
A targeted 80% reduction of CO2 emissions by the year 2050 was announced at the CEPI annual meeting. This is the European Commission’s roadmap launched in March 2011 working towards a low-carbon bio-economy.

Environmental Benefits

KraftPal corrugated-cardboard pallets being made from sustainable soft-wood and recycled paper eliminates the part wood-pallets play in hardwood forest depletion. KraftPal used pallets can be compacted with other corrugated packaging waste, and sold to local recyclers.

KraftPal pallets are workplace and store-floor safe – no nails, broken slats, jagged edges, splinters or aching backs.

The fully 100% recyclable KraftPal pallet eliminates the part played by wood-pallet disposal towards landfill depletion.

KraftPal cardboard-corrugated pallets are EXPORT READY, requiring no additional fumigation or heat treatment. Being totally pest-free avoids the unhealthy and costly chemical treatments required with wood-pallets.