2018 KraftPal Annual Meeting


Annually, Our CEO, Gregor Brajovic, is hosting the KraftPal annual meeting in the beautiful Frelih Vinograd in Sentruper, Slovenia. This event is meant to present our best wishes to the KraftPal family, investors, partners and friends. We take this time of the year as well to explain all projects and their evolution to keep everybody up-to-
date around one of the best wine maker in Slovenia, Frelih Vinograd.

This is the best place to start a fruitful year!

We will return in USA, In Ohio now!


 Thanks to the KraftPal network, we have engaged conversation with very interesting persons from Columbus, Ohio. Our project and expansion in the US continue!

We are in the Silicon Valley


 The project was in the air for sometimes, thanks to the team of ABC Group, and particularly to Mr. Dejan Roljič and his wife, Me. Ana Roljič – Lukner. We have spent 1 month in the heart of the Silicon Valley, San Jose, to build our first Pilot Plant in California. We aim to establish KraftPal USA in the coming month, therefore we had more than 25 meetings with future partners and clients. The business is going fast in that region of the world but we are rebounding the ball very well to fast-break as quick as possible!

Our partner from Luxembourg visit our R&D center!


 It is with a great pleasure that we have welcome our future partners and friends from Luxembourg. We have spent most of the time working and visiting our facilities and we believe we are coming close to a fruitful relation!

We are proud of the Slovenian Basket-ball team! We are Euro champion! Congrats boys!

Meeting in Porto


 Following the visit in Luxembourg, we went in Porto, Portugal, to meet a leader in the Packaging industry interested in our products. The welcome of the Portuguese management was truly warm and we have demonstrated all the possibilities we have to offer in the market place. We believe strongly in the project and we are looking forward to meeting very soon!

Meeting in Luxembourg


 The KraftPal management team was travelling to Luxembourg to visit and to present our state-of- the-art production line with the vision to expand operation in this important economic region of Europe. The country of Luxembourg has made the logistic industry a priority and they found in KraftPal an important actor to talk to in the first place.

Great success with a global client!


 We are proud to announce that we have succeeded the test proposed by a Food Beverage giant going through their dispatching center. We have custom-built 2 pallet prototypes for the specific need of a global producer with the idea to fit in their futuristic supply chain process, in relation with important retailers, to enhance and simplify the dispatching process.

KraftPal announces KraftPal Adria


It’s with immense pleasure that today we can announce our continued international expansion within the Adriatic region. Implementation of a new fully-automated production-plant in Karlovec, Croatia, will grow regional capacity to more than 2 million units per year.

The new production-plant will hasten development of the Italian, Austrian, German and Hungarian markets. Learning from recent experience, the pre-sales phase for our latest expansion proved to be much faster and effective than before. This clearly shows KraftPal’s gathering momentum, helping us to get up-to-speed with current market-trend expectations.

Enhanced production capacities in region will greatly relieve the Ruse facility, allowing more focus on the primary R&D function. Nevertheless a coordinated joint-sales campaign will continue within these markets through to Q2 2017.

Previously announced plans to enhance and accelerate our production capacity at strategic locations are bearing fruit. KraftPal can now expand new facilities with an efficiency that would have been considered impossible just a few short years ago.

KraftPal's New R&D Centre


Following positive trial tests with key targeted multinationals, and our successful market place introduction, KraftPal now looks to consolidate their R&D and training programme. KraftPal, in conjunction with their partner company took the major decision to acquire and invest in a modern 30.000m2 facility, previously owed by Swiss company Geberit. Although acquired primarily for R&D and training purposes, this step will enhance the company’s’ capacities in all key operational areas.

Our new facilities, as well as comfortably allowing space for further development on specially designed products & technical pallets, also give us ample room to work on specific machine building tasks. Notwithstanding the multiple training and coaching rooms at our disposition, there remain ample possibilities for further expansion.

Colin J. Williams comment;
"KraftPal, based on innovative patented products and proven effective manufacturing technology, has created a sound basis for further development. With the addition of these new facilities and the planned introduction of new partners, business growth will continue. Over the coming years, with our business model being repeated throughout Europe, Asia and the USA, continued future international growth is assured."

With the unofficial opening in October, a new chapter in the KraftPal story is about to begin.

KraftPal Nordic Announcement


It’s with great pleasure that I’m announcing our Scandinavian expansion plans, further enhancing our international presence into one of our high priority markets. KrafPal continues its path of establishing a presence in strategic locations, by opening the Swedish and Finnish markets through KraftPal Nordic.

Strategies including market entry, alliances, partnerships & investments coordinated by our expert partner Jimmy Takki; have now brought us to the point of incorporating KraftPal Nordic.

Using local teams and knowledge, Jimmy has fully prepared the Scandinavian market. By showing both the project and products to potential end-users, Jimmy and his teams have successfully obtained more than enough official commitment to allow the project to launch. The plan includes KraftPal Nordic centralising and managing the initial opening of two production plants.

Kraftpal North America Incorporated


One year ago Mr James R. Keller began a detailed analysis on investments, market strategy and strategic alliances & partnerships in preparation for the US market. Today, with our first product show-room now a reality, KraftPal Technologies North America is bringing the company towards becoming fully operational in the USA.

Previously announced plans to accelerate our global presence have resulted in KraftPal becoming operational in what we consider our most important market. The USA’s numerous global multi-nationals, early adopters, ecologically aware investors and a strong corrugated pallet presence provides us with the ideal recipe to boost our business.

Through clear set priorities enabling both growth and strong global market presence, KraftPal intends to be present in other strategic locations including Scandinavia, Asia and Russia by the end of 2017.

KraftPal Launches South America


KraftPal proudly announces further international expansion into South America, with the official opening of operations and a representative office in Panama City.

The drive and vision of both the CEO and President is to improve efficiency, by establishing KraftPal as a global presence. Their endeavour to establish KraftPal as the world-wide brand has been boosted by the company’s first foray into South America. KraftPal’s South American launch will open a new chapter in the company’s ability to address both the Portuguese and Spanish speaking business communities.

By using accurate and disciplined processes for in-depth market analysis, by assessing each potential business opportunities’ appropriate resource and investment level, we are building our solid foundation for success!

Gregor Brajovic

KraftPal to launch North America


KraftPal, with its proprietary product; manufacturing system and business-model for recyclable corrugated-cardboard pallets is excited by the appointment of James R. Keller to the team. James R. Keller will oversee both the KraftPal North American launch, and manage ensuing operations.

James R. Keller spent a 33 year career with Weyerhaeuser, including 9 years as Senior Vice-President of the Containerboard Packaging and Recycling Division. He was also an ICCA (International Corrugated Case Association) member for a number of years, including 4 years as President.

James R. Keller takes up his post as of January 15th, 2016; bringing enthusiasm, in-depth industry knowledge, plus a worldwide range of industry contacts to KraftPal.

KraftPal HeadQarters


19-21 Crawford Street
London, W1H1PJ
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KraftPal R&D


Partizanska cesta 3
2000 Maribor
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  • KraftPal Research & Development Centre
  • KraftPal Training Centre
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R&D Centre

Smolnik 17
2342, SI-Ruše


Kraftpal Austria


Kraftpal GmbH
Friedhofweg 139
8181 St. Ruprecht/Raab
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DI Roman Lampeter

KraftPal Adria


Ilovac 29
47000 Karlovac
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Vlatko Jurčević

KraftPal Nordics


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02100 Espoo
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Martin Wichmann

KraftPal USA


5307 Old Stump Dr. NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98332
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Our mailing address:

KraftPal Technologies North America LLC
PO Box 1070
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James R. Keller

President / Board member

KraftPal South America


1st Street El Carmen, Mar del Sur Building Suite 609
Panama City
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Oscar Tapia Pereira

  • +507 3932831
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